Coding projects by Lochlan Morrissey.

Queensland Votes

Election map, 2017

A map with statistics of the Queensland electoral districts for the upcoming election. Developed for the Policy Innovation Hub at Griffith University.


Pitch combinatorics, 2017

Generates a given number of pitch sets, which may be used, for instance, as modes for improvisation. The number of sets, the size of the pool of pitches from which the sets are built, the relative size of the sets, and whether a single pitch can be in multiple sets are able to be set.

Uncommon time

Groove combinatorics, 2017

Takes a number of beats to be played in the bar, and returns all possible subdivisions of a bar of that length. Inspired by my recent renewed interest in Balkan folk musics, some of which are characterised by asymmetric meters composed of long and short beats.